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3. Social Equality

Coming to our third point on Liberalism, we begin to get to one of the most contentious and probably most difficult points, which Liberals across the spectrum have to deal with. Equality. Over time equality has been a mind field of different groups from sections of the ideological left and right wings trying to eitherContinue reading “3. Social Equality”


Lib Dem’s changes we need now. Or it could be over.

Being a liberal Democrat member since 2014, I have Unfortunately seen the complete collapse of the Liberal Democrats as having any real continuous identity. Our “Identity” today is a remnants of the broken Brexit movement, and like most voters it is questionable to say what the Liberal Democrats really stand for apart from bitterness? YesContinue reading “Lib Dem’s changes we need now. Or it could be over.”

1. Individualism

1. Liberalism is about the Individual. Its easy to forget where Liberalism comes from why it was created? Who does it serve? And over the years different people, philosophers and other political commentators have talked about liberalism in several different ways. Many missing the key notion of what keeps Liberalism together. Stray or forget aboutContinue reading “1. Individualism”