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2. Freedom

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Last time we spoke I talked about the first key element of Liberalism, the concept of existence. The idea or at least the fact that we all exist. That to us this comprehension is the only thing we truly understand. With this understanding of people, it leads us straight on out second key element of Liberalism something again which many today have completely missed represented.

Freedom has often been a debated subject and one which almost all other ideologies try to aspire too. Socialism talks about Freedom from the class system, a Liberation of the proletariat, while Conservatives would argue that freedom of security is the key to true freedom. But this is where both concepts quickly over complicate freedom itself. Freedom isn’t a thing so to speak, you can’t create freedom or destroy, but you can mould freedom itself. What I mean by this is that freedom is often thought as different concepts but actually its on the level of response to freedom that makes it important.

The biggest clearest case of freedom is that true freedom is idea that at any time you can act in anyway you want. I why not, as we talked about in my previous post the only thing you truly understand is your life in your own existence. So why wouldn’t you surly only understand and control of it? And in total freedom this is the case. However, we then start the next part of Liberalism.

Once we understand own position and existence we then accept that this reality exists for everyone else around us, if its true for us it must be logically true for everyone else, we are experiencing this personal existence and so the second part as we step away from ourselves is that Freedom is not just freedom in itself its Freedom with consequence. Its this consequence which has left so many ideological groups failing to understand Freedom. The New right these days argue that Freedom gives people the ability to do whatever they want, say what ever they want and shouldn’t be judged or barred from saying it. And while in our own existence for example in our own mind we can have this freedom this isn’t the case for reality which we share with these other creatures.

For example, let’s do a test, shout in your head the most racist, sexist, bigoted thing you can think off, something you would never say. Now you might feel a little strange, but overall you are relived that no one can hear you as your mind Is safe. And this our personal freedom, if we exist, we have this freedom. But if you were to say that same sentence out aloud in front of people you would have to deal with consequences. And this is the crux of understanding freedom. We are all Free, to say and act how we want but we are also as responsible to these consequences If you are mean people in their freedom are entitled to ignore you, they have their freedom to act against you. And so, this is the real value of freedom is the consequences. Its how society reacts to our freedom which we debate.

Freedom in this way then is personal, it’s act we take with caution. Rules don’t take freedom away they just add consequences for acting in that way. Other ideologies seek to either add more consequences or remove consequences. Liberalism on the other hands gets us to understand consequences of are actions are only to the place where we infringe on others freedom, smoothing we can only understand by knowing other people. And so, Freedom is devolved down due to a lack of understanding rather than as an ideological point. If we get people to understand each other people will be less likely to undermine people’s freedoms.

I plan to talk more about Freedom later in the blog.


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