1. Individualism

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1. Liberalism is about the Individual.

Its easy to forget where Liberalism comes from why it was created? Who does it serve? And over the years different people, philosophers and other political commentators have talked about liberalism in several different ways. Many missing the key notion of what keeps Liberalism together. Stray or forget about this key stone in Liberalism and you lose what it means to be Liberal.

So, what is this key stone well it’s a very easy concept, everyone is Liberal. Just like everyone is alive everyone is a Liberal. Now that doesn’t mean everyone acts like Liberal, but everyone is Liberal. Now you might be thinking at this point to stop reading but let me explain. Liberalism seeks the individual, it’s the concept that we as a person exist and that our life to a extent revolves around us. This concept is true. Right now, your sitting there reading, the concept of existence is that you exist, you understand that and only you can. You don’t sit there thinking I exist. You read this in your voice, as I read it in mine. Its difficult to comprehend that just as you sit there with your own thoughts in your head holding a conversation, that I sit here too doing the same. And yet the first understanding of Liberalism is this concept, every person in every place has this one same idea. We the individual are the only ones who truly understand ourselves. We are the only ones who truly existed to us. And so its therefor understandable that we act within this interest.

Any other concept moves away from this basic block, and we can talk about concepts of Society vs the individual in terms of actions, we can question whether society does exist or whether it doesn’t, as have many politicians have, but the individual no matter of case does exist which means over all our law, our rules, norms and actions, there lies the defining principles about people, people are individuals. And this out all other ideas must be considered for every action. What effect does this have on the individual? What effect does it have on us, on you?

This is the first failings of other Ideologies, it tries to interpret human behaviour (and I will go into more detail on this on another post) but ideologies fail when they try to interpret peoples behaviour. Which is why the second point to Liberalism (which again we will get onto) goes hand in had with Freedom.

So, this is our first concept to understanding the importance of Liberal theory. Something which I believe John Locke understood, we are all equal, not in talent, or wealth, or even gender or race, no we are all equal in our concept of individualism, in the concept of our own existence, something which we can’t be denied. We are all alive and all right to Life.

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