Lib Dem’s changes we need now. Or it could be over.

Being a liberal Democrat member since 2014, I have Unfortunately seen the complete collapse of the Liberal Democrats as having any real continuous identity. Our “Identity” today is a remnants of the broken Brexit movement, and like most voters it is questionable to say what the Liberal Democrats really stand for apart from bitterness? Yes we did do very well in terms of her opposition to Brexit and I like many others fought hard for us to Remain. But the Brexit itself as an argument is finished. And it’s time for the Liberal Democrats to go through a series of real reforms something which our next leader must push. 

Our new leader of the party has to be somebody who is strong and who is willing to put through long lasting reforms needed. These reforms while many can be summarised by coming from form of three different areas. Policy, Branding, Local Party.

The first reform coming from policy. Now this it will be the hardest and most difficult as a party is based around members who decide what policies is. But the new Leader must direct the party to understanding that this is a new age.  Personally, I believe the party should make Electoral Reform, and Constitutional reform as the Key enshrining principles in which to build everything else around the party.  While most people will argue “the average voter may not care about reform” in the same way that lots of liberal democrats do. What this allows us to do is send out a central message. When people ask what in the liberal democrats stand for? We can say: We stand for Reforming Democracy.  Borrowing a little from the book of Mr Farage we make this message simple, Democracy is broken, and we will fix it. We need to make this a clear message to anybody who feels that there was something wrong with the UK, we say well Democracy is broken, and we will fix it. The fact that we are not screaming from the roof tops about a over 150-year-old voting system and how its broken surprises me, that needs to change now.  

The second reform which the party drastically needs is that we need a rebranding now. I do not know what kind of rebranding this might be it could go as far as complete re-branding of party or a partial branding like a slight change in our name or our logo, our message. Whatever the decision, there needs to be a rebranding. In Europe liberal parties including the European party groups have all had rebranding. In Europe they have successfully develop a great message of reforming Europe which seems to be working well. We need to do the same for Britain, Reform Britain should be our brand. Unfortunately, while the party and several key members of the old guard refuse to allow this to happen the party will never see widespread success. 

Finally, the last reform needed in a party is one of the complete and thorough investigation into the party’s spread across the country.  The party needs to identify which areas, or which local parties are still essentially functioning as a political force and in areas that are either completely dead or have very little support whatsoever.  What they need to do this might be unpopular for a lot of parties who are just surviving  they need to make decisions on these small tiny branches to decide whether some branches must be removed and absorbed by the branches or the need a new strategy to start again headway in these areas.  Part of this support should be clearly direct online resources for online local marketing they can be given to areas that are not able to produce any kind of real paper trail in their local area.

Unless changes of this kind of magnitude up of undertaken by the party unfortunately then Liberal Democrats will continue to struggle from election to election and identity will continue to drift.  I don’t believe that what we believe in we destined to be unpopular but the fact that we don’t have a clear message of who we are from what we stand for we will never convince anybody that we deserve to be trusted by definite.

I am proud Liberal Democrat, but my faith now is wavering, if Liberal Democrats like me are wavering its time to accept, we need radical change in the party.

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